1. jackson - 18th street, new york city

    first shot using my newly acquired leica m6 ttl with 35mm summicron

    kodak tri-x 400 self-processed and scanned.


  2. arashiyama bamboo forrest - kyoto, japan

    finally scanning my negatives and making a permanent move to shooting film again…i’m really really excited about it…8)

    shot with a hasselblad 500c/m and 80mm using kodak portra 400

    will be doing more writing and sharing my experiences/failures with shooting film…if you are just viewing my blog for the first time, i invite you to follow and maybe share…thank you for checking in.


  3. untitled - amsterdam, netherlands


  4. bright in bleak - astor place, new york city


  5. jeremy john @ the kensington stoop - kensington brooklyn


  6. jeremy john @ the kensington stoop - kensington brooklyn


  7. oneman @ the kensington stoop - kensington brooklyn


  8. dj drm @ the kensington stoop - kensington, brooklyn


  9. 1a - kensington, brooklyn


  10. coffee & cig - kensington brooklyn


  11. brege & perfect - upper west side, new york city


  12. le petite ceinture - paris, france